Meet the Artist: Shawnee Tekii

Shawnee Tekii

Interactive, bold and political are just a few of many words one can use to describe Shawnee’s graphic design practice.

Shawnee’s work was in SALTWATER/Interconnectivity
at Tautai Gallery
15 October 2020 – 30 January 2021

SALTWATER/Interconnectivity | Shawnee Tekii
Shawnee Tekii, Goods 4 Sale – 2019

Shawnee Tekii uses art as a tool to create social engagement. Often tackling the political issues that surround the community. The digital age plays a large role in underpinning her practice. Shawnee’s work is often influenced by mainstream media and through the use of bold aesthetics and Instagram worthy graphics, she aims to communicate her political agenda directly to audiences of her generation. Her work encourages the use of mobile phones to either document or activate deeper conceptual content. She often draws inspiration from graphic design in advertising and branding – resulting in bold, attention seeking works.

“The development of social media and data configuration has influenced how we react, think, move and perceive the world.”

Shawnee Tekii
Shawnee Tekii Tautai
Shawnee Tekii

Shawnee Online:
Website: shawneetekii.com | Instagram: shawneetekii

More Information:
SALTWATER/Interconnectivity has now ended.

For further information please email us.
Tautai.org #tautai4lyfe

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