Meet the Artist: Peter Elavera

Peter Elavera

Social activism and political injustice are central themes in this PNG artist’s mural works.

Peter’s work is in SALTWATER/Interconnectivity
at Tautai Gallery
15 October 2020 – 30 January 2021

Peter Elavera’s style of work is a fusion of pop art, street graffiti art, elements and principles of graphic design, symbolism, patterns and fine arts.

He is currently a leader in modern contemporary urban street art in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG). His artwork incorporates social activism statements on issues of injustice, inequality and conservation of the natural environment. His interest in harnessing the potency of street art, and enhancing its application started in 2007.

Peter and his ‘Kamilion Art Crew’ – 2019
SALTWATER/Interconnectivity | Peter Elevera
Peter Elavera, Unity Wall – 2018

“UNITY WALL mural art encapsulates the political, economic and social narratives of PNG in its short accounted history”

Peter Elavera

Recently, Peter and his crew, known as the Kamilion Art Krew (KAKS), completed a massive sports stadium wall mural, measuring 769m in circumference in Port Moresby. The sports stadium, known locally as Sir Hubert Murray Stadium, took them 12-months to complete (October of 2018 – October 2019).

Currently Peter and his crew are working on an 800m long sea-wall mural project, in Port Moresby, under the theme, Radioactive Ocean. It brings awareness to conservation of ocean and marine life.

Peter received his art and design mentoring at the Creative Arts Faculty of the University of Papua New Guinea, and graduated in 1996, majoring in Graphic Design.

Peter Elavera Tautai
Peter Elavera

Peter Online:
Facebook: Peter Elavera | Instagram: freewestpapua

More Information:
SALTWATER/Interconnectivity, 15 October 2020 – 30 January 2021

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