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Sivaovao Tuialii

Painting & Photography 

Postcards Unlocked #21

Sivaovao Tuialii Tautai 2020

Talofa Lava,  

My name is Sivaovao Tuialii I’m 23 years of age, I’m full Sāmoan from the villages of Vaivase Uta in Apia and Salelologa in Savaii, born and raised in South Auckland. I’m a full-time third year student at the Unitec Institute of Technology in Mt Albert, studying a Bachelor of Creative Enterprise. 

I was originally at Manukau Institute of Technology last year studying Creative Arts before all visual arts students were transferred over to Unitec to finish their studies there. My art practice is painting and photography. I admire abstract, nature and landscape paintings etc, but now that I’ve tried photography, I’m liking it so far and try to capture interesting things around me. My projects for both of my classes this semester are different. 

My first class ‘Applied Research’ is a compulsory subject and for that project I am doing street photography. I’ll explore a busy area such as the city to capture something that catches my eye and is interesting through the viewfinder of the camera.  

“The hibiscus flower is my favourite kind of flower. It reminds me of cultural and traditional things in the Pacific.”

Sivaovao Tuialii

Why do I want to do street photography? I really want to challenge myself to go walking, travelling and become more adventurous in life. Street photography gives us the opportunity to speak and connect with others, meet other street photographers and create a new group of like-minded artists. It also helps us to share artwork with each other.

The more social we are, the happier we are. Street photography is helping us to be more social, therefore making us happier. My other project for my second class is ‘Contemporary Arts’ which is based on the hibiscus flower and how I can recreate it with various materials and techniques. I mostly work with the tools that I have on me, such as patterning paper, colouring pencils and colourful string.

Why I did I pick the hibiscus flower? Well, the hibiscus flower is my favourite kind of flower. It reminds me of cultural and traditional things in the Pacific. With the hibiscus flower, I tend to make whatever I have on my mind – creatively exploring, inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules and having fun while making it. 

Sivaovao Tuialii Tautai 2020
Photo Courtesy of Artist

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