SALWATER/Interconnectivity: Performances


For Artweek 2020 Tautai will be showcasing three performances which highlight the essence of the current exhibition SALTWATER/Interconnectivity.

Featuring: Sistar S’pacific aka Rosanna Raymond, 4TK (4 Tha Kulture) and LALO

Artweek | Rosanna Raymond
Rosanna Raymond Photographed by Jermaine Dean

An innovator of the contemporary Pasifika art scene, a long-standing member of the art collective Pacific Sisters, and founding member of the SaVAge K’lub. Raymond’s practice works with people, spaces and things to acti.VA.te a dynamic relationship between them, to realise and reshape the ta-va duality.

Artweek | 4TK
4TK (4 Tha Kulture)

South Auckland based indigenous environmentalist group of youth who are committed to advocating against climate change through the lens that considers minorities.
We rise for and ride out 4 Tha Kulture

Artweek | LALO

Humiliation in return for Forgiveness.
Accept it or not.
LALO (below) takes you through the Samoan custom ‘Ifoga’. A formal apology where one seeks forgiveness from another by bowing down and humbling themselves. The offender appears covered in an ‘ie toga’ (fine mat). The only way forgiveness is granted is if the victim lifts the ‘ie toga from the offender.

Artweek | Performances
Artweek 2020

More Information:
SALTWATER/Interconnectivity exhibition has now ended.

For further information please email us.
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