Pascal Atiga Postcard

Pascal Atiga

Sāmoan/Māori visual artist based in Auckland, Aotearoa

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Pascal Atiga Tautai

My creative work includes spray painting, drawing and tattooing. These passions range from painting customized canvases and murals. 

As a freelance artist the work I produce originates primarily from the ideas of various clients with my own creative interests amalgamated into the final design. During the development of a concept I begin with a conversation attributed to what the client would be gratified by. This process includes researching connections that resonate with my community. Having the opportunity to collaborate with other artists in a gallery and in a public setting has been highly rewarding as we share a common interest which promotes growth. Spray paint is my preferred medium as I fancy the versatility it has for easy application and effectiveness. This can be seen throughout most of my artworks which are visible in past exhibition pieces and public spaces. 

Most recently I have been painting murals around my hometown of Papakura. The most recent being a floral piece that was painted on the Kiwibank wall in the township. The murals I create alter the appearance of the blank walls I paint and add vibrancy and enhance connectivity for the community. By engaging with Papakura Business Association and local shop owners we are working collectively to help beautify Papakura town centre. My current projects involve painting Montrose Electrical Boxes for Auckland Transport and walls for public art projects. In 2018 I graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Arts [visual], from Manukau Institute of Technology, Faculty of Creative Arts. 

I have exhibited my works at Papakura Art Gallery, displaying various forms of works ranging from paintings to sculptural pieces. While studying for my degree I was employed at Tautai as Tertiary Liaison 2017. I truly enjoy working on community-based projects and accredit the skills, experience, knowledge and support I have acquired thus far to my lecturers at M.I.T (FOCA), Tautai, Art Collectives, fellow art practitioners and family and friends.  

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Facebook: Pas Art | Instagram: @pas_atiga | @pas_art_aotearoa

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