FALE-SHIP: Natasha Ratuva

Natasha Ratuva Fale-ship

Ni sa bula vinaka! Introducing photographer, digital artist and poet Natasha Ratuva

Natasha Ratuva | @dotnut2014 
Fijian | Naioti, Kadavu
Tribal and ancestral affiliation: Navutu
Central Auckland, Aotearoa

Follow as she shares her home workspace, creative process and reflects on her Fale-ship experience.  

Born and raised in Suva, Fiji. Natasha was also raised in Australia, U.S, NZ and the U.K. Her parents, both Fijian intellectuals, activists, philosophers, academic, art lovers both contemporary and traditional in their approach to raising her and her brother.
This heavily influenced the lens with which she perceived creativity. The art that she creates today is largely inspired by being raised as an Indigenous Fijian woman in a post-colonial society. She loves to celebrate the oneness of indigenous peoples by interrogating the geo-political borders that colonialism has structured around us.
Natasha’s creative expression is also stirred by her search for identity which she wishes to pass down to future generations. Above everything she aims to center her Moana family, connections to land, ocean, lineages and how they have overcome, survived and continue to prosper.

Get an insight into Natasha’s creative workspace and inspiration behind her new artworks! 

“Our resilience is impenetrable because our joys and struggles are part of a bigger circle of stories that keep us forever bound and woven into Moana.” 

– Natasha Ratuva

Check out these amazing new artworks created by Natasha during her Fale-ship residency! 

Q+A Talanoa with Natasha Ratuva & Benji Timu

Q+A Talanoa facilitated by: 
Benji Timu | @thelifestyleofbenji | @BenjiTimu
Sāmoan/Kuki Airani/Niue | Letogo/Aitutaki/Mangaia
East Auckland, Aotearoa 

BT: “How does it feel to be showcasing your work from home?

NR: “It feels relieving, the comfort factor of being in my own space… It also feels very intimate… even sacred.” 

Excerpt from Talanoa

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