Moana Wall Tote Bag Launch

We are excited to launch a series of limited-edition tote bags recycled from Natasha Ratuva and Hōhua Kurene’s exhibition ‘Inside the wave are ocean bodies’ (2020) curated by Cora-Allan Wickliffe, originally located on the Moana Wall on East Street, Tāmaki Makaurau.

The creation of this new series of bags sees the wall dispersed amongst the community, manifesting the collective action embodied by the original work. ‘Inside the wave are ocean bodies’ reflected on the Moana diaspora, dislocation and relocation, navigation and relationships between our people. The work formed a path both physically on East St and ceremonially through its creation and connections formed between Natasha and Hōhua, and between the artists and the community. Throughout the Pacific, the metaphor of a path is fundamental to the imagining of alliance and affinity.

Through the creation of the limited series of bags, the wall now evolves into its new life of celebration, exchange, reciprocity and prosperity. Once a 60 metre-long work, ‘Inside the waves are ocean bodies’ is now folded in on itself, seperated and locally manufactured into 124 individual pieces. With sustainability in mind, it was important to the artists to ensure that the wall has a kinder afterlife.

In the repurposing and distribution of the original work, Natasha and Hōhua reflect on the ceremonial use of barkcloth in the Pacific or masi as it is known in many Fijian dialects. Masi is essential in the protection of mana, often seen in celebrations; weddings; births; to lift mourning; as a doorway between the spirit realm and the physical; for welcoming voyagers; and countless other occasions. It is created collectively, shared amongst the community and valued as an item of reciprocation between families and kin.

In this new mode, ‘Inside the wave are ocean bodies’ is now offered to whanau, friends and community as a memory of the original work, and the convergence of idealising, talanoaga and observation.

  • Limited edition of 124.
  • Each bag is unique, order your favourite now for shipping on 10 January.
  • Cut from PVC billboard material, the bags are water resistant and lightweight.
  • Proceeds go to the artists, and a portion will go towards supporting the important work that Lifewise Merge Café does in the community.

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