Moana Waiwai Moana Pāti: Meet the Curator

Meet the Curator

Introducing Nigel Borell, curator of Moana Waiwai Moana Pāti !

Presenting artists from Tautai’s 2020 Fale-ship programme, Nigel highlights the diversity and dynamism of Pacific art and shows what can emerge when circumstances push you into unfamiliar places.

Video by NoSix

“Sometimes adversity can also create the circumstances to make things and to push you into places that you probably wouldn’t have gone if you didn’t have been prompted… it always creates a really interesting backdrop to do something exciting. To be unique, and to strive in directions that you might not necessarily go if you weren’t pushed to.”

– Nigel Borell

Moana Waiwai Moana Pāti is on at Tautai Gallery till September 25th

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