Meet the Artist: Katharine Losi Atafu-Mayo

Katharine Losi Atafu-Mayo

Samoan artist Katharine Losi is drawn to practices centred around healing and ritual, promoting the use of indigenous and creative methodologies.

Katharine Losi’s work was in SALTWATER/Interconnectivity
at Tautai Gallery
15 October 2020 – 30 January 2021

feso’ota’i atu

po, po, po,
manava i totonu; 

may this space light the fire within you that has been extinguished, 
may your peace that’s been disrupted find harmony in all living things, 
may your tino, mafaufau, and agaga feel held, 

I invite you to just be in this space of interconnectedness; 
remember, navigate, reflect, meditate, thank,
manava i totonu; 
exchange your love, your rage, your energy, your joy, your distaste, your healing; 
share what you must with the Moana. 
They will be returned with what you pour into them. 

we are connected, we are profound, we are resilient, we are powerful, 
manava i totonu; 
po, po, po.

Katharine Losi Atafu-Mayo Tautai
Katharine Losi Atafu-Mayo

Katharine Losi is a devoted daughter, sister and godmother with a beautiful vessel that houses her resilient soul, powerful heart and unshakeable spirit…  that’s on PERIYAD! Her social art practice is an evolving ecosystem of Moana healing methodologies, spirituality, community engagement and is grounded in unconditional love. By confronting cultural norms, societal expectations and systematic oppressions; Katharine Losi uses her lived experiences to create an alternative way of operating and living in our everyday. CHE CHE CHEEHOO! 

Katharine Losi Online:
Facebook: Katharine Atafu-Mayo | Instagram: kattymayo

More Information:
SALTWATER/Interconnectivity has now ended.

For further information please email us.
Tautai.org #tautai4lyfe

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