Meet the Artist: Fa’amele Etuale

Talofa lava! Introducing Oh My Ocean artist Fa’amele Etuale

Fa’amele Etuale is a contemporary jeweller and self-taught painter of Samoan and Chinese descent. Her work is based around identity, place, family and pivotal moments in her life. Through this approach, her jewellery and visual art explores the experiences of the Pacific diaspora in Aotearoa. Her works are like building bricks that tell stories of strength, humility and resilience, bridging the gap between her blood lines from Samoa and herself being born in Aotearoa. 

For Fa’amele’s 2020 Fale-ship, she painted a new work titled ‘The Promise’, depicting a scene of a father figure holding his children on his shoulders so they can see over a fence at the glistening and colourful Sydney cityscape. The father’s view is blocked by the fence, conveying that although he cannot see, he promises a bright future for his children. This alludes to Pacific migration to Australia and Aotearoa throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s and the promise of a better life.  

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Oh My Ocean runs from October 30 2021 – January 29 2022

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