Leafa Wilson Postcard

Leafa Wilson aka Olga Krause

Sāmoan (Vaimoso & Siumu) Multimedia Performance Artist based in Hamilton, Aotearoa

Postcards Unlocked #8

Postcards Unlocked #8 | Leafa Wilson

Since beginning to make art in the 1980s, I have almost always used some aspect of performance art in my work. I find talking about my actual self tiring, but I do love to talk about the aspect of art that crank my gears. I love works and making works that confound or give me little to no clues. Not like a puzzle, but more of a metaphysical poke in the brain.

“It is not really important to me what the media is, just that when it strikes me, I know that that’s IT.”


In the 1990s, my work had to alter because of having so many children, but it never ceased. I think it is most important for any artists not to fear appearing banal. I value depth, wading through these depths and relishing each tiny discovery. In the end, I think nothing is really ever ordinary and my own work doesn’t ever try to be extra-ordinary. It’s always just an offering. 

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The Postcards Unlocked Collection
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