Atafu-Mayo Postcard

Katharine Losi Atafu-Mayo

Sāmoan (Malie) / Scottish (Mackenzie) multi-disciplinary Artist based in Auckland, Aotearoa

Postcards Unlocked #1

Katty Mayo Postcard
POSTCARDS UNLOCKED #1 | Katharine Losi Atafu-Mayo
Photo by Jermaine Dean, 2019.

Katharine Losi Atafu-Mayo uses art as a tool to inform, spark change and use as a remedial activity. Katharine’s practice is developing into promoting healing using indigenous and creative methodologies. She attempts to question some systematic oppressions that have been injected into our Moana cultures, whilst using our ancient knowledge to create an alternative way of operating and living in our everyday. Her work can be moving image, installation, workshops and poetry. However, she is most commonly known for ceremonial rituals based on intuitive activation.

Throughout her practice, she implements indigenous Moana beliefs by honouring the relevance of how they have the power to influence and improve how we move in this world.

“Intergenerational trauma, healing, climate crisis, brown feminism, harmony and unconditional love encapsulates her work.”

As a kaupapa led practice, every decision made has an important significance and reason. She does this whilst acknowledging her identity as a tauiwi settler in Aotearoa. The physical and spiritual parts of her activations are attempts at healing the pain of colonisation that our ancestors and we as a Moana community have inherited. Katharine, who is now a part of MAU Studio, plays two roles.

She is the lead Art Facilitator for Mau Academy 2020 where she helps create opportunities for high school students to use their creative skills and talents for social impact. To complement her role as a facilitator, she is also MAU Studio’s storyteller. This is where she explores the collision of conflict and harmony within our Moana community which will build the foundations of MAU Studio’s future.

Katharine Online
Instagram: @kattymayo

The Postcards Unlocked Collection
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