Helen Feu’u Postcard

Helen Feu’u

Sāmoan / Scottish / Irish Painter based in Auckland, Aotearoa

Postcards Unlocked #13

Postcards Unlocked #13 | Helen Feu'u

Malo everyone – I am half Sāmoan, half pakeha (Scottish Irish ancestors). I grew up in Mangere Central in a household where art was a key influence during my teenage years, and into my adult life. It was only until I got to my forties that I started to make and form my own art practice after completing a Bachelor in Art and Design at Unitec. 

With the necessity of working full-time I can still continue to create and be a part of projects, connecting with like-minded creatives, from all disciplines, and this keeps my foot in the door.

“My art keeps me closely connected to the inner and outer worlds of who we are as a species in the ever-evolving world of ecological systems.”


It is a theme that allows me to reflect in my creativity the need to constantly consider, seek, connect, heal, and understand the nature of human frailty and our relationship within the planets vast internal knowledge of adaptation, change, regeneration, and growth.

Though I do paint acrylic on canvas occasionally, my main material is good quality Hahnemuhle etching paper, which allow me to run watered down inks on to backgrounds that flow, merge and saturate alongside bursts of metallic glitter and shine. Drawn figures are added; creatures within other worldly realms that morph, float, reach, hover or fall. Circles of community, or separate identities of mythological forms that guide and stand. Pacific motifs and symbols speak of strength, armour and protection in an ever changing internal and external landscape. 

I get inspiration from nature, science, philosophy, mythology and poetic forms of spirituality. Artists that inspire me are many, mostly found in Instagram such as @alexandra_levasseur or close to home, Star Gossage and Peter Hammond.  

I’ve also had a studio at Corbans and look forward to possibly doing some work at Te Henga Studios when the lockdown ends.  

Postcards Unlocked #13 | Helen Feu'u
Photo Courtesy of the Artist

Helen Online
Instagram: @hellyhtf

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