Fale-ship: Warren Paea


Striking, sublime and candid Warren’s work uses the photographic medium to provide the viewer with the opportunity to make an intimate connection with various communities. His work captures and celebrates the depth of interconnectivity between people and explores the complexities of identity. For his 2021 Fale-ship Residency, Warren created a striking series of cyanotype photographic portraits of his flatmates during lockdown.  

My Name is Warren Paea and I am a 30 year old Niuean from Mangere East, South Auckland. Both of my parents are from the village of Hakupu in Niue. My creative practice is mainly focused in photography/print and my residency took place in my flat in Grey Lynn, Auckland

-Warren Paea

For his Fale-ship Warren created a series of stunning blue-wash, largescale photographic portraits of his flatmates that, beyond being captivating images, hold a sense of community, collaboration and perseverance in their very creation. The prints reflect Warren’s practice of street photography, capturing uncontrived portraits of his subjects in their own homes. 

“I always had this vision of creating cyanotypes at a much larger scale than what I was used to seeing. The monotonous tone of the Prussian blue in cyanotypes enhance the depth and beauty of the portraits and I wanted to exaggerate that through the scale.” 


Check out Warrens’s highlight video as he reflects on his Tautai Fale-ship Residency!  

Warren reflects on his practice and his Fale-ship residency and how it allowed him to bring a vision of large-scale cyanotypes to life. Hand printing these works presented significant challenges to a home-based practice during lockdown. Despite these challenges Warren stands by the belief that he is always meant to be where he is in life at any given time and this acceptance and resourcefulness is reflected in his residency. Using his flatmates as models and developing the photographs in a large tub in his backyard with natural light.  

“I think that beauty is a decision, an acknowledgement, self-reflection. You can breathe that acknowledgement and self-reflection into other people and you should do it more often. Because it costs you nothing.” 



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