FALE-SHIP: Lyncia Muller

Fale-Ship | Lyncia Muller

Mālō e lelei! Introducing Tongan choreographer and dancer Lyncia Muller

Tongan | Nuku’alofa, Fatai, Lakepa 
South Auckland, Aotearoa 
@cia_muller | Lyncia Muller

Follow her Fale-ship journey this week as she explores the ways in which she improvises and creates movement at home instead of in the studio.  

Tamaki Makaurau based creative Lyncia Muller is passionate about dance, theatre and her cultural roots. Lyncia is a graduate from the Unitec Institute of Technology in Contemporary dance and the Pacific Institute of Performing Arts (PIPA). With a strong background in Urban, Pacific dance and Contemporary dance, she looks forward to contributing to this evolving arts industry. Lyncia has created dance and theatre works that have been performed at the Basement theatre, Pacific Dance Festival, and Auckland Art Gallery. 

Lyncia gives us a glimpse of her creative workspace where she explores the poetry of Selina Tusitala Marsh and interprets her own rendition in her new choreographed dance titled ‘Promise Corners’.

“I love improvisation as it gives me the freedom to explore movement and to listen to my body.” 

– Lyncia Muller

A sneak peak behind the scenes into Lyncia’s improvisation choreography – an integral part of her process and final development!

Watch Lyncia’s final choreographed piece titled ‘Promise Corners’

Song: Ladi6 – Ikarus 

Q+A with Lyncia and INF

“I think it’s really exciting for me but… I think it’s more nerve wracking, for people to see my creative processes, my vulnerability and how I create choreography.”

– Lyncia Muller

Q+A Talanoa facilitated by:  
Amon ‘INF’ Tyson | @infmusic | @infmusicnz
Artist, Director, Creative. 1 of 5 members of SWIDT 
Songwriter/Producer – SWIDT 
312 Onehunga, Aotearoa 

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