Fale-ship: Kasi Valu


“Mālō e lelei, Ko hoku hingoa ko Kasi Petelo Lennox Kelepi Valu ‘Oku lele mai mei Ma’ufanga mo Lapaha, He/Him.
My creative practice is storytelling through mediums of acting and writing. I currently reside in Pōneke, Wellington in Brooklyn where my residency took place.”

“I am 21 years of age, and train & study acting at Te kura Toi Whakaari o Aotearoa. It amuses me to say study as I feel like I have been doing this all my life. Studying the way my aunties talk to each other over a deck of cards and a pack of cigarettes. Studying the way my siblings conquer their respective goals. Studying the way my nena ploughs the Earth to plant hibiscus and Talo.”

Sharp, familiar and deeply personal, Kasi’s work reflects on his fāmili and his fale. For his Fale-ship Kasi’s touch point was his Nena (grandmother). Domestic scenes crackle with the warmth of family, buzz with voices of aunties, and glow with ever-present connection to what lies before and beyond the present moment. Just as people live in harmony with their natural environment, so too is he able to integrate his creative practice with that of his family and home.  

Works in development: 
‘My Nena Knows Magic’ 

‘Ipu Ti’

Reflections over process of writing: 

“I am interested in exploring this ongoing journey of building confidence to leave work unfinished. Initially I wanted to present polished and final works that can be shared. What I am now appreciating is viewing this as a season of development to dream weave this new work, and breathe in methods that alleviate the pressure of finishing for the sake of finishing. It’s exciting finding a new way of working creatively, essentially a new language that you teach yourself.  

Through your body, your mind and the way you channel this into whatever medium of expression works best. This correlates with my line of enquiry of languages that exist between each other. The language that vibrates between the love of my Nena and I.  

What I am appreciating is the daring nature to think wider and deeper into ways of re-connecting. When we take ownership of our identity, and steer away from quantifying our culture through metric systems of blood, we bask in the privilege granted by our ancestors. We are because our ancestors were.” 

– Kasi Valu 

Check out Kasi’s highlight video as he reflects on his Tautai Fale-ship Residency!  

Creating work in the safety of his own home, Kasi speaks to a growing ability to value the process rather than seeking the outcome and appreciates the opportunity the Fale-ship gave him to uphold his practice.

“Thinking inside my fale permits and liberates the mind to make within a place that grounds me, a place that I draw strength from.”



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