FALE-SHIP: Jaimie (James) Waititi

Fale-Ship | Jaimie Waititi
Photograph by Pati Tyrell

Kia ora koutou! Introducing multi-disciplinary artist Jamie (James) Waititi. 

Maori (Te Whanau a Apanui, Te Rarawa, Ngapuhi) with French Canadian, English, Scottish, American, Norwegian descent 
Waihau Bay, Aotearoa 

James explores how we as Moana artists position ourselves around decolonisation and how we can reposition the trajectory to centre our tipuna rather than colonisation. This is called ReIndigenisation or ReMaorification / ReMoanafication.

With an obsession with ancient Maori stories, James is developing an understanding of a time when narratives of humankind were believed to have lived alongside the gods.  
James was introduced to these stories through paintings, carvings, weaving and literature at a very young age and continues to find modern methods of storytelling to share this understanding with others; be it through regalia, performance, sound and digital media. 

“The purpose of my submission is to speak to the process it took to reach my contribution for FAFSWAG’s 22nd Biennale of Sydney online exhibition CODESWITCH. My diptych digital works were made for computers or walls. The larger frames allow the artwork to encompass the viewer and seduce a sense of freedom in space; a sense of escapism. There is something nostalgic about escaping home, away from diaspora and back to the foundations of your cultural make up. I have returned home and with that the final layer of my work appeared and the work itself had new meaning.” 

Jaimie (James) Waititi

ReMoanafication – Wisdom: Ka mua, ka muri  

“Our wisdom can only be knowledge for our kin if we process the information we have been fed before passing it on. Otherwise what is the point? When information is regurgitated through us unfiltered, what is the point? What is the point of a filter that doesn’t filter? If it is not for our kin, why do we exist?” 

Jaimie (James) Waititi

ReMoanafication – The D and why I am done with it  

“The grass is green where you water it and we are done looking over the fence and for me this is the essence of where my understanding and practice thrives. I thrive in ReMoanafication and that is why I am done with The D.” 

Jaimie (James) Waititi

Rosanna and James connect over lockdown in this Q+A talanoa discussing creative processes and the importance of showcasing the diversity of Moana artists.

Q+A Talanoa facilitated by:
Rosanna Raymond | @rosannaraymond | Sistar S’pacific
Cult.VA.tor, FAB.ricator, Acti.VA.tor
NZ Born Samoan/Palagi
Falefa/Tāmaki Makaurau 
West Auckland, Aotearoa

Listen in as James discusses the idea of ReMoanafication and how we can reclaim sovereignty without acknowledge colonisation…

“By claiming ReMoanafication I want to take that acknowledgement back to us as navigators! Constantly navigating the Pacific Ocean and that sense that we were always travelling between the islands and we were one, and that sense of unity…”

– Jaimie (James) Waititi

James discusses the importance of understanding hidden histories and where the transition between pre-colonial to colonial changed the way that we consider ourselves in particular Queer Moana people.

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