FALE-SHIP: Iata Peautolu

Iata Peautolu Tautai Faleship

Fakaalofa lahi atu! Introducing Niuean Māori artist Iata Peautolu!

Tauranga, Aotearoa
@fekaiata | Iata Peautolu

Born and raised in Hamilton, Iata is a multidisciplinary artist who is known for his tamoko and tatatau practice. Inspired by his Maori and Niuean lineage his exhibition ‘Son of A Savage’ featured a combination of imagery from both connections, and also highlighted his skills as an illustrator and painter. The iconography in his work investigates migration and navigation practices from the Pacific, which he uses to develop his visual narratives within his work.
Iata takes pride in his dual heritage which is reflected within his work from tatatau, painting, illustration to graphic design. He draws his creativity from his urban upbringing in Hamilton and the art culture that continues to evolve in this modern world. Iata is a contemporary Polynesian artist whose ambition is to showcase the beauty, strength, dignity and mana of his people through his lens.

Follow Iata this week as he shares the visual language of hiapo through his incredible process of creating tatatau Niue during his Fale-ship residency.

A sneak peek into Iata’s creative process and driving force behind his dedication to Niue tatatau!

Tune in as Iata shares his creative workspace and the process of marking his client with a Hiapo inspired tatatau Niuean sleeve

“…my mahi, it really is a contemporary take on our beautiful hiapo that is a real taonga, a real treasure for us as Niueans…”

– Iata Peautolu

Q+A Talanoa with Iata and INF

So cool to see Pacific creatives inspiring each other!! Watch as INF and Iata connect over the emotional reward of sharing art, being Niuean and Yohji Yamamoto!

Q+A Talanoa facilitated by:
Amon ‘INF’ Tyson| @infmusic | @infmusicnz
Artist, Director, Creative. 1 of 5 members of SWIDT
Songwriter/Producer – SWIDT
312 Onehunga, Aotearoa

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