FALE-SHIP: Fa’amele Etuale

Fale-Ship | Fa'amele Etuale
Fa’amele Etuale | Fale-ship

Talofa lava! Introducing multi-disciplinary artist Fa’amele Etuale.

Samoan | Chinese 
South Auckland, Aotearoa 
IG: @faameleetuale 

Fa’amele is a self taught artist, Pacific contemporary jeweller and a maker of all things creative. 

O lo’u igoa o Fa’amele Etuale, I am of Samoan and Chinese descent. I live and make Art in my beautiful home of Otara, South Auckland.  

My father comes from Laulii Suaniu Tala’ave Filipo, my two beautiful mothers come from Leufisa and Malie their names were Teleise Grace Filipo and Lainaimalae Filipo. I am the Eldest of 8 siblings, I am married to Gasu Apelu Ilemaleota Etuale who is from Tufulele I have 4 beautiful children. 

Fa’amele emphasises the importance of documenting and trailing her designs before making the finished work! She gives us an insight into her home studio and her step-by-step creative process, from her sketches to her final lei designs!  

“There’s a process, and the process for me is the most important part about creating the work.”

Fa’amele Etuale

‘The Promise’

‘The Promise’ is both relatable yet deeply personal to Fa’amele. It is a testament to the shared experience of migration from the Islands to Aotearoa and Australia. She captures the feelings of excitement, the unknown and of course the notion of ‘promise’. This painting holds meanings beyond just this for Fa’amele, it is also a dedication to her late mother-in-law Fili, who inspired her everyday. Swipe right to read more about this beautiful and significant artwork. 

Fale-Ship | Fa'amele Etuale
The Promise, 2020

“I heard my own voice, it blocked out all the noise of whatever is happening on social media, whatever people are doing, whatever people think. Everything around me just closed.” 

Fa’amele Etuale

Q+A with Fa’amele and Marie

Fa’amele and Marie discuss the importance of being true to oneself and making art that is important to you and your loved ones.  

@mariefilipomusic – “So when your residency launches online, what do you want people to take away from it?” 
@faameleetuale “I want to tell all the artists out there, that don’t have a voice, that don’t have a platform…that there are people out there, like myself, that are here…Never let anyone tell you to stop doing what’s in your heart. That’s all I want people to take away from my Fale-ship.” 

Q+A Talanoa facilitated by:  
Marie Filipo 
Musician, Motivational Speaker 
South Auckland, Aotearoa 
IG: @marie_filipo | @mariefilipomusic 

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