FALE-SHIP: Elisabeth Kumaran

Fale-Ships | Elisabeth Kumaran

Talofa lava! Introducing Samoan/Chinese multi-medium artist Elisabeth Kumaran.  

Vailele, Ulutogia, Aleipata, Vailoa Palauli and Southern China 
@elisalani |Elisabeth Kumaran

Follow her Fale-ship journey this week as she takes us behind the scenes of her incredible stop-motion clips and clever use of wordplay. 

Elisabeth was born in Aukilani (Auckland), raised in South Auckland (Otara, Manurewa) and now resides in Mangere with her husband. She is a multi-medium artist who primarily works with words to create wordplays using the Samoan and English languages. Elisabeth is also co-founder of the ManaRewa Arts Collective where they mentor visual artists who live in (or have connections with) Manurewa to develop and grow in their art practice. 

Elisabeth takes us on a journey as she explores her creative space, process and inspiration behind her work from home! Join her as she highlights her creative processes and final stop-motion videos created during her Fale-Ship residency. 

Watch Elisabeth’s vlog compilation as she takes us on a journey exploring her creative ideas, processes and inspiration behind her works! 

“I think it’s fundamental as an artist to surround yourself with a supportive network of people; whether that’s your aiga, your friends or other creatives who inspire you with creative talanoaga (conversation).”


We’re excited to share this series of Elisabeth’s final stop-motion videos created during her Fale-ship residency! She reflects on her Samoan culture using everyday objects which are animated through her clever use of wordplay.

 Q+A with Elisabeth and INF 

“This time has been a real taonga to me. I’ve had this va or this space to reflect on myself as an artist and develop my art practice.” 

Q+A Talanoa facilitated by: 
Amon ‘INF’ Tyson | @infmusic | @infmusicnz
Artist, Director, Creative. 1 of 5 members of SWIDT 
Songwriter/Producer – SWIDT 
312 Onehunga, Aotearoa 

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