EVENT: Kava-noa

Moana Waiwai, Moana Pāti | Public Programmes

Join Jasmine Tuiā accompanied by her good friend and artist Eric Soakai to sit, stitch and kava-noa. Kava-noa is a mix of kava and talanoa; “noa” also implies openness and balance.

Jasmine’s work Folau pea speaks of talanoa as a key element in her process of making. Talanoa remembers relationships to a time as well as people and place. Through this process, the collective is acknowledged in her work. Kava is a well-known Pacific beverage made out of kava roots, and used in ceremonies and group gatherings. In sharing kava with we create and Talanoa, we remember a space and time that helps us continue our individual and collective practices.

For this event, we will use fabric as an alternative to tapa. Like tapa, and other textiles, we can think of fabric as a time/memory capsule. We can stitch items, signs, objects or any subjects onto it, and it will become a tangible representation of your experience of a time and place. Participants are welcome to take their embroideries home or gift each other a piece after the workshop.


WHERE: Tautai Gallery, 300 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD
WHEN: Friday 23rd July, 1pm – 3pm
LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE, please book your place by emailing programmes@tautai.org

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