Artist Spotlight: Tyla Vaeau

Tyla Vaeau is a tatau practitioner, artist and researcher of Samoan (Salea’aumua and Safune) and Palagi descent, based in Grey Lynn, Aukilani. Over the years Tyla has developed a strong knowledge and practice of Samoan and Pasifika tatau that is rooted in the customary practices of the past. In her interview, Tyla explains the importance of showcasing tatau within a gallery setting.

“I think a lot of the times, tatau can be represented in photographs or films, so to actually be doing the mahi in the space, I think is a good representation of the practice.”

Tyla Vaeau

Video by NoSix

Moana Waiwai Moana Pāti is on at Tautai Gallery till September 25th

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