Artist Spotlight: Salvador Brown

Working with sound, Salvador plays with frequencies and familiar sounds like the ocean and phones ringing to portray the idea of the ‘Digital Moana’. Salvador acknowledges the late Richard Nunns, who was a huge inspiration to him and has had an influence on his journey as an artist.

“I was like, how can we bring everything that is held inside of the Moana into a digital realm? I started to think of all of the ideas that were inside of that. You know, on the Moana, when we’re out on our waka if we saw a certain manu we knew that was a tohu… that we were close to land, so what are our digital tohu?”

– Salvador Brown

Video by NoSix

Moana Waiwai Moana Pāti is on at Tautai Gallery till September 25th

For further information please email us 
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