Artist Spotlight: Rawiri Brown

Drawing inspiration from his hometown, Rawiri created a capsule collection titled ‘Happy Endings’ for his Fale-ship Residency in 2020. For ‘Oh My Ocean’ he developed ‘Happy Endings 2.0’, which includes three new pieces that encompass the tongue and cheek themes behind his Fale-ship. Experimenting with new materials and garments, Rawiri speaks to curator Nigel Borell about his practice, drawing inspiration from his home town of Ōtaki and his whānau.

“For the exhibition I decided to make three new objects which I developed over last year but didn’t get time to make, so it was the perfect time to create those items for this exhibition. ‘Oh My Ocean’, I like the phrase being something very fun and contemporary which is something I’ve tried to include into my work, the ‘tongue and cheek’ sort of sense of humour and playfulness in the work so I like how those two correspond.”


Video by NoSix
Watch the virtual tour from ‘Oh My Ocean’ here


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