Artist Spotlight: Michel Mulipola

Being an illustrator and comic book artist Michel continues to find himself on the periphery of the  “art scene”. To reflect this sentiment, he was excited to display 24 panels of his work on the Moana Wall, placing himself literally outside the gallery space for anyone to see.  Due to circumstances beyond his control, Michel is now showing a single panel inside the gallery.  

Hear Michel speak to this piece and share the story of the single “controversial” panel.  

“I guess a commentary on how white peoples’ inconvenience, is greater than black peoples’ lives. My work originally, was supposed to be showcased in 24 pieces, showcased on the Moana Wall and I was actually really excited for that, because as an outsider I really loved the idea of having my work outside the gallery and being kind of appreciated by anyone and everyone who was in the area” 

– Michel Mulipola

Read more about Michel’s work in Oh My Ocean below:


Gallery Takes Stand Against Censorship Controversy

Video by NoSix
Watch the virtual tour from ‘Oh My Ocean’ here


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