Artist Spotlight: James (Jaimie) Waititi

James Waititi is a multidisciplinary, gender fluid artist whose work explores the environment, racial and cultural politics, and the gender and queer spectrum. For ‘Moana Waiwai, Moana Pāti’, they produced a new publication and public work for our Moana Wall, both titled ‘Remoanafication: Time is a space’. 

“[The works] developed from the theories and the kōrero that I had during my Fale-ship around Moanafication, and what it means to recentre the narrative of our tipuna and the way of looking at our historical context.” 

Jaimie Waititi

Video by NoSix

Moana Waiwai Moana Pāti is on at Tautai Gallery till September 25th

For further information please email us 
Tautai.org #tautai4lyfe

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