Artist Spotlight: Hōhua Ropate Kurene and Natasha Ratuva

Moana Wall artists Hōhua Ropate Kurene and Natasha Ratuva talk about what connects us Moana people. They discuss the various methods and mediums they used to convey their understanding of space, whakapapa, diaspora and much more…

“As diaspora, you know our ancestors would navigate the seas by sailing but now we navigate these seas through aeroplanes… so we were thinking about that feeling when you get off the plane and you see your island or your whenua/vanua from the aeroplane window and you get off and it’s that feeling, that first breath you take when you step onto your land and it’s deep from the stomach, deep from the puku. It’s that sense of relief or joy or sometimes even pain or hurt, and we wanted to mimic that.”

Natasha Ratuva

The Moana Wall is located on East St, just down the road from Tautai Gallery. Their work ‘Inside the waves are Ocean bodies’ will be on display until May 2021!

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