Artist Spotlight: Fa’amele Etuale

Over the past twenty years, Fa’amele has been developing her practice as a visual artist and contemporary jeweller. An important aspect within her work is conveying who she is as a creative and her background, this is communicated throughout the various artistic mediums she explores. Fa’amele describes her creative process during the making of her art for ‘Oh My Ocean’, that it was unique and felt the freedom to explore with her materials and ideas.

“I’m creating work that I want to make that makes me happy that is true to who I am and where I come from and where I’m based. It’s what I want to do as a creative and it’s actually quite liberating when you work on something and then you bring it into a space and exhibiting alongside other amazing artists, it’s actually something that I’ve never done before, so of course it’s all new for me too so it’s so empowering as a Moana artist.”

Fa’amele Etuale

Video by NoSix
Watch the virtual tour from ‘Oh My Ocean’ here


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