Faiumu Matthew Salapu

NZ born Sāmoan (Tāga & Salelologa, Savai’i)
Creative Producer Artist – Sound / Music / Video / Entrepreneur 

Postcards Unlocked #19

Anonymouz Tautai 2020
POSTCARDS UNLOCKED #19 | Faiumu Matthew Salapu

In the same way that our ancestors from the Moana | Oceania | Pacific were able to creatively repurpose a natural resource like sennit into multiple end outcomes for architecture, boatbuilding, textiles and fishing, I have always been fascinated by the ‘digital’ equivalent of this; as a digital creative, how many ways can I creatively repurpose the resource of a captured digital signal?   

“How can I reshape captured sound and light frequencies within software to help tell our stories? How can I weave the results into other creative disciplines and industries? This open ended question fascinates and drives me to this day.”


My early career was mostly producing within the music industry, specifically the NZ / South Auckland Hip Hop scene. Eventually, music production sampling expanded into avant-garde sound & scoring for film & theatre. Some of my larger projects to date have involved weaving together recorded sounds and video from hundreds of participants within different communities. I also love to create works bringing together people from opposite ends of the social spectrum.  

2014 -2018 were majorly influential years that expanded my career to include videography. I was regularly travelling during this period to eleven cities around the world with the Aganu’u Fa’asāmoa 101 Sāmoan Cultural revival programme as their content creator, documenting the personal journeys of thousands of our Sāmoan diaspora around the world reconnecting to indigenous knowledge & traditions; observing & experiencing such insights & data at scale up close and personal has proven to be invaluable in calibrating my artistry. The programme’s partnership with the prestigious Sā Su’a Sulu’ape traditional tattooing ‘tatau’ clan also meant regular and rare access to tatau footage, audio samples and information that has often been embedded into some of my more recent works. 

I am blessed to serve alongside my best friend in life & business, my wife Noma Sio-Faiumu. We are currently locked down in our home | creative agency | production facility “37 Hz” next to the Manukau Harbour (Te Wai-O-Hua) looking out across the moana towards my beloved South Auckland & Māngere Mountain (Te Pane o Mataoho) #275 #FDKNS 

Pule alofa le Ali’i, we can’t wait to see our families, friends and creative colleagues again soon. Alofa telē atu to you all. Soifua.

Facebook: Anonymouz | Instagram: @anonymouz_37hz | Anonymouz.com

The Postcards Unlocked Collection
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